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05 October 2009 @ 12:23 am
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04 November 2005 @ 04:17 pm
poop, i only learned right now about this. i guess that's proof of how much i've been neglecting LJ lately ==;;

and i just finished reading the rurouni kenshin manga a couple of days ago, and all i can say is...Collapse )

so yeah, big big thanks to shaza for uploading them and convincing me to read them! ^___^ i've seen the anime before, but i got lazy to read the manga before, but now i'm really really glad i did ^___^ now i just need to watch all the OVA! shaza has uploaded the tsuiokuhen OVA but it's taking me ageees to download even one episode *kicks slow connection* =___=;;

to the RK fans on my flist, is there a nice RK LJ community around? (though there's probably no active one anymore since both the anime and manga have ended for a while now. T___T) or maybe any of you can go online on MSN so i can bug you about RK haha ^^;;

i need to make a kenshin icon <3 haha! ^____^
16 October 2005 @ 06:15 am
so we finally finished our final activity for english 100 yesterday, which was teaching english in a public high school for one day. and to say it was eventful is to make an understatement. (right, chibi_boom? *waves* <-- my eng 100 classmate whose LJ i only found out about yesterday ^^) we were all feeling really happy after teaching the kids until *someone* spoiled it in the end and poof! there goes our energy in the dumps. T__T

anyway, this is the only grade i'm still waiting for before i graduate. the deadline for the grades for graduating students was supposed to be on friday, but since this activity will be held a day after, my grade would only be submitted on monday (and after i have handed in my reflection paper). i hope this won't hold off my graduation or anything. T_______T *stabs randomly*

i still have to finish my goddamn resume T___T i swear i have nothing to write on the activities under college. ==;; but yeah, got to finish it so i can pester all the companies i can think of with it and hopefully someone will be foolish enough to take me in! *harhar*

(and i still haven't given up my dream to work in japan *____* haha, someone pinch my cheek coz i'm still dreaming :P)
04 October 2005 @ 06:53 am
finally got a chance to post here again! ^^ i've been so busy these past months, with all the school work and all. but -- just one more exam next week and three projects to pass -- and i'll be graduating!! yaay, after 5 1/2 years of blood, sweat and tears, you can finally call me an engineer! :P well, not really, since computer engineers don't have board exams so we don't get a license or anything, but technically we still are engineers. heh. ^^

i've actually bought a domain as a graduation gift for myself ^__^ it'll be my domain blog! i know, i've been neglecting my domains recently, but i'll get back to working on them as soon as i finish all my requirements. ^^;;

i still have to work on my resume as well, and i'm really not inspired to do so right now =__=;; but my mom is bugging me to apply and apply so i can get a job already. i actually got my first work-related call last week. i didn't apply there actually, someone from the bank probably got the emails and contact numbers of the graduating students. the representative from the bank sent me an email two weeks ago, asking me to contact them for an interview, but i didn't, so she called me last week and asked again. i still don't know whether i want to work there. they're looking for programmers, but that isn't my main line of work anyway.

btw i finally got my msn to work. i had to reinstall it -- and when it finally worked, my contact list went poof! i'm trying to add all of you again, but i can't find the msn usernames of some of you, so if you have time, please add me again -- zroATryuusei.org ^___^ i'd love to talk to and catch up with everyone again <3
18 August 2005 @ 03:59 am
waaai~ it has started!! i was reading arienai's bleachmyu report and i was like trying my hardest not to squee and laugh so loud coz it's 3 am here and everyone is still sleeping ^^;;

gyaaah~ i wanna see rapping!renji and boogie-ing!renji now!! eiji-san~ ;__; and zomg nagayan grabbed eiji-san's crotch!! *dies* hitsugayaxrenji?? o__0 or as karu_chan said, eijixmomo, haha! waai~ tuti will be jealous!! ;__; where's the golden pair rabu?!! ;__;

ahh but gin already has aizen anyway ^___^ there's a picture of tuti with ookuchi at the *pnish* hp, and tuti wasn't in his gin costume, but ookuchi was wearing the aizen!glasses!! *___* there's also a pic of eiji-san with leader-san and a female cast member (can't tell if it's the actress of orihime or hinamori -- i confuse them a lot ;__;)

nagayan and yoshii rei (orihime)'s blogs have entries about the myu as well but sadly there are no pictures (backstage or what). thats_my_line mentioned that kimeru, mamoru and shun went to see it -- and yaay, kimeru has an entry about it on his blog!! but for the life of me, i couldn't remember where mamoru&shin's blog is =__= i should have bookmarked it back then!

okay, meme time! top 20 fictional character pairingsCollapse )desktop memeCollapse )

i haven't been making icons these past two weeks. i think my icon muse left me right after i made my first icon post ;__; but the good thing is, this gives me time to work on my sites instead. ^^ i finished two more fanlistings last weekend and yesterday i finally finished the layout for kuchikiORG! it's a bit different from my usual style, i think ^^;; just have to code it, and then finish all my other (overdue) fanlistings this weekend.

and kyaaa~ piratelicker, thank you thank you thank you!! ^______^ and since you wouldn't accept my firstborn, i'll send you half of my soul instead ^^

ooh in case any lovely soul out there would like to give me an early christmas gift, here's, uh, a suggestion so you won't have to think hard anymore, haha! *is shameless*
09 August 2005 @ 06:17 am
contrary to popular belief, i am still very much alive. *laughs* i'm finally getting back on the site-making loop, or more like i forced myself to, since my fanlistings are like all overdue =__=;; *hides*

and my brain is currently dead after navigating through hundreds of japanese sites, searching for eiji-san info, and trying to understand the garble of words called translations that the online translators give =__=;; but yeah, the moriyama eiji fanlisting is up, go join if you like him ^___^

the allen x rinali fanlisting is up as well~ hopefully i can add sections to it like what i did with rinali, but no promises right now ^^;; and just don't mind the layouts of those two, that is the part of site-making i haven't fully gotten back to -- after being confined to working on 100x100 in like two months ^^;;

and speaking of 100x100~ i've finally posted my first batch of icons over at i_c_o_n! mostly tenipuri, bleach, naruto, and one piece, and some eyeshield 21, parfait tic, d.gray-man, fma, and tenimyu ^___^

ooh btw happy birthday to soifon!! (i'll go lend renji-sama to you for a day *smirks*) hope you're having a wonderful day *huggles you tight*

someone misses my spammage *cough cough* ____chuu~ don't worry the roo x chuubon craziness will shortly resume *lol* don't bury yourself with socks, please~ at least not yet XDDD
22 July 2005 @ 02:06 am
since etranze already plugged it in her journal, i might as well plug it here now too! ^___^ our joint icon journal is now open!!

i_c_o_n i_c_o_n i_c_o_n i_c_o_n

we haven't posted a real icon batch yet, but to start things off, we're taking requests!! ^^ so go visit and spam it *lol* we're looking for affiliates too, so to the people on my flist with icon journals *coughcough*~ affiliate with us? *puppy eyes*

and to everyone who knows v-chan, she's finally back, after disappearing off the face of the internet for months! and i've forced convinced her to get an LJ, so go and pay gurlush1983 a visit <3

on other news, i think i've lost the ability to make a site =__=;; after not coding for more than a month, i am so out of the loop :[

spoilers on genius 278Collapse )

and that ends my random post :P i'm still downloading renji's single right now *kicks slow connection* so i'll post my thoughts later o.o [edit] thoughts on renji's single hereCollapse )
13 July 2005 @ 01:27 pm
sorry for sounding so down (and bitter) in my post earlier, but i think i feel better now after reading the translation. even though yuushi won, this was obviously a momo-centric chapter. the flashback of tezuka telling ryuzaki-sensei how momo is like a volcano about to erupt, the flashback of momo asking tezuka to play a match with him (and obviously losing), and how even yuushi acknowledged momo (yuushi: but you don't come across a guy like this too often.) that he is the only guy he must defeat for him to be able to reach the top -- all of these just prove how konomi-sensei is showing us that momo is real, and how he is growing and evolving. and yes, he may have made him lose this game now, but now i can't wait to find out what konomi's plans for him are.

and listening to rajipuri 119 definitely helped as well~ hearing morieiji laugh and sing happy birthday would lift any sad fangirl's spirit :P

and zauberer_sirin will be writing momo/an smut for me, so that makes me feel even better. ^^
13 July 2005 @ 06:19 am
or how konomi-sensei proved everyone wrong...Collapse )

i need rajipuri 119 (aka morieiji's crack) now to comfort me. ;__; [edit] someone must be listening to my prayers~ ^___^
28 June 2005 @ 07:00 pm
so my head aches like hell, i feel like my bloody lungs are gonna pop out of my mouth whenever i cough, and the cough syrup tastes awful, but i can't wipe the silly smile off my face coz lots of things are making me so happy right now:

first, dilettantka posted scans of a recent magazine feature about the bleachmyu actors and zomg why does morieiji have to look so friggin' hot in the photoshoot?!? *nosebleeds and dies* (isaka tatsuya, ichigo's actor, looks cute in the photo too~ and he's so young! o_0)

and then this was posted by morieiji earlier in *pnish*'s website~ (kyaaa! i was like squeeing when i saw this so i hope i'm not mistaken with what i think it means T__T) hope the japanese-literate people on my flist can clarify *__*


does it mean morieiji will be the personality in next month's rajipuri (tennis no oujisama on the radio)? ahh~ if this is what i think it means then omg~

*spazzes out*

and -- you are all invited to the wedding of abaraiORG and kuchikiORG!! waah~ the lovely atozuka-chan is letting me take over kuchikiORG -- i wub you, i can't thank you enough!! *glooooomps* XDD

so get ready for the wedding :P ooh-tee-pee!! lol, i'm such a hopeless renruki fangirl! or you can look at it as 6th division powaaa or even byakuren *coughtaichou, i...cough*, since after all, yuki-chan got this domain with byakuya-san in mind ^^

and yuki is also letting me adopt the rokkaku and atobe vs tezuka fanlistings. waah, i really owe you biiiig time, yuki, i swear i'll make it up to you somehow x_x;; i'm trying to cut back on fanlistings right now and i've resisted applying/adopting quite a few these past weeks, but these two i just can't say no to ;_; and this means i'll be adopting out a bunch of fanlistings soon too.

and lastly~ hope it's alright to say this now :P etranze and i have decided to open a joint icon journal!! yaaa-y! XD we're still working on the details but we'll pimp it massively when we finalize everything XDD and with the two of us, expect a lot of bleach and tenipuri loving in there, nfu! *plots more evil things*

(and i'm using this post to pimp my new renji icon as well *__* it's the first time i entered an icontest and i'm so glad to have won third place *much love to everyone who voted* <3 <3 <3)